The SET Program

Set your goals

Goals give focus and focus produces momentum.

Do you know how to set goals to reach your optimum career?

Do you know what your top interest and secondary interests are?

Do you have a current mission statement for your life and work?

Our support services help you build a foundation for creating a career pathway that is aligned with your interests, skills, and gifting.

You can develop your custom career plan and increase your job search skills through individual counseling and job search workshops.  The most important first step is to engage in learning how to:

  • Make the most of your school experience using custom research that will lead you to the right career path to align your school projects
  • Learn about our career-related student groups
  • Learn and engage with professional associations in Central Florida that can support your career goals and help you to build your network
  • Learn how online career groups can support you in your career journey
  • Build your career plan overview

Evaluate your plan

Planning helps you to achieve your goals.

Once you have your career plan overview you can schedule investigative interviews with companies that are aligned with your career plan to learn what they are seeking in an employee candidate, learn about promotion opportunities in your career pathway, inquire about the education or training that may be needed to support the job role you are seeking to evaluate if you are ready to apply for a job in this field.

Learn about job shadowing opportunities to learn about different aspects of your career choice to further focus on areas of interest.  By visiting different companies, you are able to confirm your Career Plan and or adjust focus as you have a realistic view of the jobs you are seeking to secure. 

Identify if you need further education and/or training to pursue your field of interest.  This will assist you in the next phase…

Take action

Making your dreams a reality…  

Our Career Services offer a variety of career and job search services to students and alumni. The S.E.T Program acts as a liaison between students, alumni, faculty, staff, and prospective employers by organizing campus interviews, employer information, and career fairs.

Our online Career Services Office provides current job postings and job lines for students and